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You don't need a website. You need customers.

A website can help with that—but only one that’s built the right way.

A website is a marketing tool to help you get customers. Or at least it should be… And if yours isn’t working properly, it’s just taking up space.

But how do you start? What do you do first? You know you need to make changes, but it can all feel so… complicated.

Fortunately, our clients call us the "Simplifiers of Complex and Baffling Things".

Our systematic approach guides you through your website creation or redesign project step-by-step. You'll always know what's happening, why it's happening, and what it will mean to your business.

That’s the best of both worlds… A business website that works, without making you work to get it.

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Why Digital Ink

Are you a business owner looking for more leads to grow your business?

We’ll help your business by building an effective, professional website, then help you drive traffic to it. Finally, we’ll help you convert that traffic with compelling sales stories. (And don’t forget the most important part—we’ll also help you create content to connect, engage and nurture your website visitors.)

Our systematic approach to design and marketing means your business website will generate leads and produce conversions, while looking clean and fabulous.

And when it comes time to make changes, Helpdesk support and free online training videos let you take care of them yourself. Or, if you’d prefer, take advantage of our Unlimited Helpdesk service and never have to worry again.

7-Step Guide to a Website that Works

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We get a lot of questions about what it takes for a business to get a professional website that supports their brand, generates leads and nurtures visitors until they are ready to move forward.

So we've put together a free email course called "The Business Owner’s 7-Step Guide to a Website that Works".

This concise, easy read gives you the information and direction you need to help you start thinking about a website that works.

No cost, no obligation—just helpful advice. Click below to sign up now for your email course.

Business owners 7-step guide to a website that works

Interested in a business website that generates leads and produces conversions? service@digitalinkmultimedia.com250-808-3034

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