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The latest funnies...enjoy

21-Apr-2017 New seniors complex

Initiation day at the new seniors residence. Some of them are oh, so practical.


07-Apr-2017 Expensive Funerals

Sometime you need all the facts in order to do the math.


31-Mar-2017 Ruminations of a Senior


24-Mar-2017 Random Funnies

Some short ones to give you a chuckle


17-Mar-2017 Take some time off

Go ahead....I've got your out of office message covered. Pick from one of these.


10-Mar-2017 A variation of Who's On First

A hilarious and also poignant version of Abbot and Costello's Who's On First....though about Unemployment in Canada


03-Mar-2017 Some things to think about

Ramblings of someone with a bit too much time on his hands


24-Feb-2017 Fortune Teller

In the dark and gloomy room, gazing at the Tarot cards laid out before her, the Tarot reader delivered the bad news


17-Feb-2017 The recession has hit everybody really hard

Some anecdotal consequences of a recession - big words eh :-)


10-Feb-2017 Distracted Driving Incident

Everyone reading this will enjoy it - no matter which gender you are.........


03-Feb-2017 Astute Observations

Some tongue in cheek observations for you....


27-Jan-2017 Ten Things That Will Disappear In Our Lifetime

An interesting read.....whether these changes are good or bad depends in part on how we adapt to them. But, ready or not, here they come. Maybe not in our lifetimes but during our children’s.


20-Jan-2017 Random thoughts

Here's some random thoughts you may find amusing.


13-Jan-2017 As I get older, I realize that......

Some age old observations....pardon the pun.


06-Jan-2017 Stress Management

Some words of advice regarding stress management as we head into the new year.


23-Dec-2016 Fifty Shades of Grey - Senior Version

After nearly 40 years of marriage, Marty was lying in bed one evening when his wife felt Marty begin to massage her in ways he hadn't in quite some time.


16-Dec-2016 A True Scotsman

With apologies to my friends who are indeed Scottish.....I found this to be quite funny.


09-Dec-2016 The Best Sermons Are Lived, Not Preached

No idea where these originated but felt they hit the mark this week.


02-Dec-2016 I need a raise

Sometimes the best way to get a raise is to let your boss know other companies are interested in you.


25-Nov-2016 Hotel Service

Sometimes it's hard to get the service you want from the hotel.


18-Nov-2016 Hello, Operator?

Another chapter of "they walk among us....and reproduce"


11-Nov-2016 Thinking of moving to Canada?

With the recent results of the US Presidential Election it's reported that many Americans are thinking about moving to Canada....you might want to reflect on this first.


05-Nov-2016 Wow....that's a lot of beards

One thing I noticed in San Diego is that there are a lot of young men with beards......seems to be the thing to do for that generation. So here's some things to ponder.


28-Oct-2016 Rugged Outdoor Woman

Now here's a gal who's the picture of a rugged outdoor woman


21-Oct-2016 Second Opinion

It's always good to get a second opinion....


14-Oct-2016 A crumpled up $20 Bill

There are ways to deliver news....and there are WAYS to deliver news.


07-Oct-2016 Some Riddles to keep you thinking

Here's some riddles to sharpen your wit upon, and to keep your mind keen.


30-Sep-2016 Some more Ponderings....

Once again it's time to sit back and ponder things. Some of these are profound....others just silly.


23-Sep-2016 The Exclusive Nudist Colony

Not your garden variety nudist colony....pun intended.


16-Sep-2016 My Dogs Secret...

Now...I don't currently have a dog, but I used to....and my son Steven has one and I think he would agree with this.


09-Sep-2016 Middle Aged Texting Codes

Everything is getting shorted and truncated these days. Seems no-one speaks in full sentences anymore and using abbreviations for common phrases is the popular thing to do. So here's some middle aged texting codes my friends have started using.


02-Sep-2016 Women are not equal to Men

I know, I know....you think this is meant to be oppressive to women and all that. Read on, it's not what you think.


26-Aug-2016 Thought You Knew A Lot??

If you thought you knew a lot....after you go through this you may realize you have a lot left to learn....I know I did.


19-Aug-2016 Laws That Are NOT In Physics

Here's a collection of laws you won't find in any Physics books, but none-the-less you will likely find them true.


12-Aug-2016 Pinocchio, Snow White & Superman

Like all fairy tales, this one should be read with your tongue firmly set in your cheek.


05-Aug-2016 Fun with Pumpkins

This one is a bit crass, and perhaps a little over the line of acceptable humour. But it's too funny to leave in my funny storage box.


29-Jul-2016 Country boys see things a little differently

When you're from the country, your perception of things is a little bit different.


22-Jul-2016 Lou Buys A Computer

You have to be old enough to remember Abbott and Costello and too old to REALLY understand computers in order to fully appreciate this. For those of us who sometimes get flustered by our computers, please read on.


15-Jul-2016 I Love You Sweetheart

I'm not sayin' this is what I believe....but it's funny nonetheless. The effect of those FOUR little words ... "I LOVE YOU SWEETHEART".


08-Jul-2016 Don't Mess With Mature Ladies

A mature lady gets pulled over for speeding....


01-Jul-2016 Ahhh, those thrifty Scots

Scottish folks are known for their thrift, though this might be taking things a little too far.


24-Jun-2016 Serenity

Always Remember This: You don't stop laughing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop laughing.


17-Jun-2016 Not what you think

Like sop many things in life, this may not be what you think it is


10-Jun-2016 It's A Man Thing

Getting lost and not asking for directions is a man thing...you ladies just don't understand.


03-Jun-2016 My Favorite Animal

Careful when you teach your children to always tell the truth....you might end up telling a story like this one.


20-May-2016 You thought YOU had problems

OLD people have problems that you haven't
even considered yet!


13-May-2016 The Crazy English Language

The often inexplicable nature of the English language, in this case the English Plural, according to George Carlin


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