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I came to Dave with nothing more than an idea. He listened, quickly understood and partnered with me to build a powerful tool that fits perfectly with my personal values, professional intention and business goals. Dave's design artistry combined with his expertise in internet search tendencies created an immediate global presence for my company that has surpassed anything I could have imagined.
Rob Colvin Life Recovery Strategies
I have known Dave professionally since 1997. Two things have stood out for me over the intervening years. Dave is quite particular in how he approaches his work, and he's a most interesting person to have a conversation with. He takes the time to find out what makes you tick.

Fast forward to 2011 when I was looking to upgrade my website. Dave was in his design program. Who better to work with than Dave?! He again took the time to sort out what I was looking for in a website and presented options in a way that I was able to step into my decisions with a high degree of comfort. While technology supports my work, it is not my work. I was thrilled with the process, and with my website and the on-going support I receive from Dave.

I have had no hesitation in recommending him to my colleagues. Recommend you give Dave a call. See for yourself!
Mary Johnson Bridgeworks Coaching
Dave was referred to me by a client with the following words. "He is the best we have".

I had gone through a handful of web/graphic design people in the last few years. I came to find that it is easy to find people that have the skill set, but very difficult to find someone with the skill set and who understands the essence of business and professionalism.

To me, and any business owner, Dave's strengths are his ability to understand your personality and how you think and work. Then he is able to work with you to help your life become simpler during the project at hand.

To me Dave brings two very critical elements to our business, over and above his skills. His commitment to see a project right to the end with calmness, and his business experience to be able to see every element 5 steps ahead in how it will impact everything else.

After working on well over a dozen projects with Dave, in the past two years, he never fails to amaze me. He simply is "the best I have" in my business.
Fred Sarkari Keynote Speaker & Best Selling Author
Digital Ink Multimedia truly understands how business works. They use their skill to increase the profitability of my business. A very rare quality.
Paul Moffatt DC Telecommunications
I just wanted to take the time to thank you. You are a rare professional, the kind that I much prefer to do business with and have in my life than most others. I very much appreciate the time we spent together and will not hesitate recommending you to others.
Dr. Dorit Ilani Ph.D. The Pause Method
Dave is an absolute delight to work with. He managed to simplify a baffling process for me. Technology is magic as far as I can tell, and Dave is an incredibly gifted Magician!

He was spot on in understanding what I wanted to achieve, and create as an experience for those visiting my website. From the very early outset, Dave was able to put me at ease and coach me through the process of determining what I wanted and needed.

Comments on my website have been exceptionally positive and feedback confirms he achieved exactly what I wanted to achieve.

I would recommend Dave to ANYONE who needs support in website design. He is extremely talented, creative and an absolute delight to work with.
Deb Hooker Lead On Coaching
Dave has been my rock-solid “go to” guy for all things relating to my web and blog since 2010. I have complete confidence in his ability to deliver the results we agree to, and to be a lot of fun to work with along the way!
Janine Gilmour Touchstone Advisory Services

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Business Websites That Work
Figuring out what you need to do to make your business website work for you can be a daunting task. You can throw a rock and hit someone who can ‘build’ a website. But how do you make sure what you end up with gets you the results you’re after?
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Have you ever gotten that niggling feeling that you’d make more sales and earn more money if only your website… Just worked better? No worries. We can help.
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You need a website that engages and connects with your target audience, nurtures those visitors with compelling sales stories, and generates leads and conversions.
But if that sounds like a tall order, don't sweat it. . .
Ever try to use a spoon as a screwdriver?...or a paint stripper? Yes, sometimes it works....but it's not really the best choice. We've chosen to invest in and use what we believe are the best tools for us to achieve the results we're both expecting. Here's a summary of the tools we use and why we feel they're important
We've set up several options to make taking care of your website easier. Training Videos, Online Invoice Payments, Support Tickets & Content Uploading. Of course you can always just call us.

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