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Image of a speech bubble with a question mark in it The days of slapping “Welcome to our website” on your home page and expecting the money to roll in are loooooong gone.

You’ve got precious little time to hook today’s website visitor and convince them to explore your site. And even if you manage to do that, you can still lose them.

You need a website that engages and connects with your target audience, nurtures those visitors with compelling sales stories, and generates leads and conversions.

But if that sounds like a tall order, don’t worry…

It’s all in the content.

Good website content can make you a search engine darling, driving more and more visitors to your virtual door. It’s the heart and soul of content marketing — the new “all the rage” way (that really works!) to educate potential clients and walk them gently through your buying process.

Heck, these days people are even talking about how website copy has made traditional sales obsolete.

But how do you get good content for your site? We’re not writers here at Digital Ink. Are you?

No. You’re good at what you do, just like we’re good at what we do.

That’s why we work with freelance writers to provide your website content. Our writers are out there in the trenches every day, writing and writing, constantly striving to be the best at crafting the magic words that will turn your visitors into leads.

What kind of difference would it make to your business if you could turn this:

Experience a business transformational coaching program created to provide you a deeper core understanding and enhanced commitment to what it takes to scale your business or obtain a promotion in your career. Leave with ideas, insights and key takeaways you can action immediately, plus in the six weeks following your coaching session you can request up to six one-half hour follow-up coaching sessions by phone or email to have your learnings take hold.

Into this?

Change your mindset, change your life. Grow your business or accelerate your career with ideas and insights you can really use — right away and every day. Regular follow-up sessions will help make sure the “new you” doesn’t slip.

Whether you need plain old web pages, a lead-generation form, a set of educational downloads for potential clients, a follow-up email sequence, or even a series of ongoing articles for your blog, our writers have got you covered.

They’ll walk you through all stages of preparing content for a website — interviewing you and researching your business and industry, writing the content, and making revisions based on your suggestions. And they won’t stop until you’re happy with how your business is portrayed on the web.

We’re not writers. Are you?

If the answer to that question is “no,” consider letting a content expert help. Your business — and your bottom line — will thank you for it.

Find out how professional writers can turn 'just another website' into something your visitors will engage with. Call 778-436-2680 or 403-910-4280 today.

PS You don't have to have a writer work on ALL of your web pages. Pick the few that are most important for engaging your potential customers.

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