Aging Gracefully In A Digital World

Profit Formula (Making Friends)

Little things to help your web page show up in search results

Web page search engine optimizationWhen I'm working with my clients I'm often asked 'What is SEO?' or 'How do I get my website to show up in Google?'. ..


Visual Hierarchy - Focus Through Design

Designing visual media can be difficult. From popular websites right down to pamphlets being handed out on city corners inviting you to that new band's first major gig.   ..


What unwavering support can mean for you

Image of my mom circa 1940 something It's close to the end of the year and I was contemplating things...yeah I know what you're thinking....but that's actually what I was doing. Anyways, as I thought back about the last number of years I was struck by the difference having unwavering support can mean for a person. ..


When did distortion become music

Image of distorted music Alright, a bit of a rant up your seatbelts. ..


What if your website had no text?

Image of a webpage with no words on it What would you do if you visited a website and it had no text on it?

You would bounce off of that site faster then a child hits their bed when they hear sleigh bells on Christmas Eve.

Well, if you have the wrong words on your website it might as well be the same thing.




This blog contains my thoughts and opinions on getting older in today's technologically based culture. Explore and enjoy, and please provide your own experience and insights by adding your comments to any of the posts.....thanks - Dave

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