Visual Hierarchy - Focus Through Design

Designing visual media can be difficult. From popular websites right down to pamphlets being handed out on city corners inviting you to that new band's first major gig.  

How will you grab your intended target's attention
long enough to read about your new sale...gig...or fundraiser.

Through the use of such things as font size, colour & tone, or changing the alignment & proximity of images in relation to text, there are many ways to provide the information you want, in the order you want, to your perspective customer or fan.

Our brain uses visual hierarchy every day.

If allows you to see that car stopping in front of you in the middle of the night. It helps you find your son or daughter while playing hide and seek in the back yard.

Learning to take advantage of the way our brain recognizes visual information can be useful. It helps you find ways to hold your readers attention long enough to plant a seed in their mind that can blossom into a new and loyal fan of what you are offering.

Which information below would you find easier to read?

The one on the right allows you to easily pick out the important parts.  If you read it all,'re one of the few these days, but if you skim it should be fairly clear what the important information is.

Visual hierarchy makes things easier to interpret.

Give it a try next time you have something to share.

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