What unwavering support can mean for you

Image of my mom circa 1940 something It's close to the end of the year and I was contemplating things...yeah I know what you're thinking....but that's actually what I was doing. Anyways, as I thought back about the last number of years I was struck by the difference having unwavering support can mean for a person.

I'm a bit of a renaissance man.  I know a little about a lot of things, and a lot about many things. 

I believe in myself, and I'm never afraid to try something new.  I'm able to master new skills, or at least achieve a level of competency, fairly quickly. 

But where did this come from?  

First, it came from my mom (shown circa 1940 something).  She was always so supportive, letting me try things. Hell, as I was learning about doing renovations she let me completely gut and rebuild her bathroom 3 times.  And of course each time was 'the best'.  I know better now, but at the time her happiness and genuine appreciation for what I had done was huge.  It formed how I would feel about myself for the rest of my life.

There are tons of examples of this.  When I expressed an interest in computers, way, way back....she bought me a Commodore 64 so that I could spend hours typing in numbers and codes so the computer would say "Hello".  It didn't matter to her what the results were.  And frankly, look what I'm able to do with a computer today.  Perhaps not possible without her support.

The second place my support comes from is my wonderful wife Karen.  She believes in me.  She has never once said "I don't think you can do that".  If I said I wanted to try something she offered to 'hold the other end' while I tried....whatever that might be.

When I look at the people I come across every day, many lack this confidence in themselves and seem to be somewhat diminished by this.  It shadows every other part of their lives.

I'm so grateful to have had a lifetime worth of support from my Mom and my Wife.  It's made the most amazing difference in my life. Thank you Mom (up above watching over me) and thank you Karen (beside me watching over me).

The picture is of my mom, I believe sometime in the 1940's.  I'm not allowed to post pictures of Karen :)

Think about how you interact with the people in your life.  Are you leaving a legacy like this?  Will your children believe in themselves?  Sometimes it's not easy...sometimes you won't be successful....you still need to try. It makes a difference.

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