When did distortion become music

Image of distorted music Alright, a bit of a rant coming...do up your seatbelts.

In my office we listen to internet radio though the day, mostly tuned to today's popular music.

Over the last while I've noticed a disturbing trend in the music that's popular (see what I did there...)

Anyways, several of the songs being played use some form of distortion. Like the singer....who normally sings a few inches back from the microphone....steps right up and overpowers the mic.

When I first heard this phenomenon I actually pulled the covers off my somewhat expensive speakers to see if I had torn something.  

Then I thought for a while that it was the radio station.  Except when I started paying attention it didn't matter if I was in the office, at home, in the car, in a restaurant....it happened everywhere.

So here's the rant.  Sound technicians, music producers, and artists alike....  STOP IT.  

It sounds horrible...and no, it's NOT artistic and cool.  It sounds like something's broken.

If you're a good singer you don't have to rely on tricks like this....or auto tune for that matter.  And if you're not a good singer then....well, I'll let you figure that out for yourself.

A concerned fan

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