Image showing two applications that use games to promote a business
Advertising through gamification

These are two school projects using Adobe Flash to build games that explore using gamification to promote a business...
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Image showing screenshots of Bridgeworks Consulting's website
Bridgeworks Consulting

Mary is special to us as she was our first customer. We worked through building her website while building our business and we're grateful for her..
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Image composite representing a fire station with hdr treatment
Composite of fire station

This personal project was the result of referencing a tutorial. The composite represents a fire station made up of a number of images, with an HDR..
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Image showing a vinyl record on a turntable representing the stores logo
Confident Vinyl - a Retro Record Store

The design brief for this assignment was to create a brand for a fictional retail store. I chose a retro record store because of my love of classi..
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Logo for DC Telecommunications, consisting of the words DC TEL with sound waves emanating from the C
DC Telecommunications - a business telephone company

DC Tel was looking to update their logo after some 30 years in business. They wanted something clean and representational of telecom, and the only..
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Image showing the Facebook Banner created for Deanne Gref
Deanne Gref Facebook Banner

This commission was to create a composite to be used as the Facebook Banner for Deanne Gref, used to promote an April 2013 WBFF Pro-Am Event..
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Image showing Digital Ink's logo
Digital Ink Multimedia

This is our own logo, evolved over my time in school and in the time since then. It's meant to represent the melding of the digital world (DIGITAL..
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Image showing reference image and final digital painting based on that image.
Digital Painting of Back Alley

This personal project involved creating a digital painting from a reference image, in this case a dark, mysterious back alley. Painted from scratc..
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Image of the logo sheet clients receive detailing the specs for their logos
Dirty Trix - A Spa for Mechanics

This logoset was created for a school assignment, the requirements were to create an identity for a fictional spa that was outside the norm. My so..
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Image showing a poster created using typography for images
Find a Friend Rescue Poster

The school assignment involved creating an image using typography. I chose a cause close to my heart, animal welfare, and created a poster for thi..
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Image of pages from FredSarkari.com website
Fred Sarkari - Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker Fred Sarkari's website is a unique approach to presenting his special flare. From background images that change as you scroll dow..
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School Assignment - Housing Development Kiosk App
Housing Development Kiosk App

The assignment was to create an 'App' that could be loaded onto a kiosk terminal at a mall to present a Developer's real estate project. It allow..
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Image showing an online training system for Phone System Usage
Instructional - Interactive Training

The client needed an application where their customers could learn how to use their Business Phone System. They wanted the app to be interactive t..
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Image of a training video on a video player
Instructional - Video Editting

DCTelecommunications provides training videos showing their customers how to perform tasks like making conference calls or changing the time and d..
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Image of interactive movie promotion application
Interactive Movie Promotional Application

This school assignment is an interactive presentation meant for a kiosk screen, for a fictional movie release. The key was to provide a menu for ..
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Image showing an interactive pdf for a fictional smartphone app
Interactive pdf for fictional smartphone app

This interactive pdf presents a fictional smartphone app that was created by my team at Startup Weekend in Kelowna 2012 (http://www.digitalartscho..
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Image of two interactive pdf's
Interactive pdf's

These projects are interactive pdf's, meaning the viewer has access to a clickable table of contents for navigating the document...
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Logo for Just Enough Cake, loosely represents a cake with a slice taken out of it
Just Enough Cake

This school project was a collaboration with a fellow student, the amazing Tia Wishart. We created a fictional company, the concept being yo..
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Image showing screenshots of the Lead On Coaching website
Lead On Coaching

The design brief was to re-design Deb's existing website, which had worked well for her over the years but she felt it was a dated look and wanted..
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Image showing a photograph of a sailboat with a Photoshop painterly effect applied
Painterly Effect - Sailboat

This personal project involved cleaning up a photo my wife took of a sailboat on a nearby lake and then through a series of steps creating a paint..
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Image showing several pages of the Power In Partners Brochure we created
Power In Partners Brochure

This brochure was part of a larger package we created to market and promote the Power In Partners event in Kelowna, Fall 2012...
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Image showing tickets and full page ad for Power In Partners event
Power In Partners Print Assets

The Power In Partners event was held in Kelowna in the fall of 2012. We created VIP tickets (left side) as well as a full page ad in the Kelowna S..
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Image of a composite representing Street Racing for a school assignment
Representational Composite - Street Racing

This school assignment involved creating a composite representing an assigned subject, in my case Street Racing. There are well over 20 imag..
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Logo for Resist Thirst, the words
Resist Thirst - a citrus beverage company

This school project was to create the branding for a fictional beverage company aimed at a youthful market. Thinking about what that generat..
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Image showing Signature Pools Post Card with gloss overlay and die cut
Signature Pools Post Card

This direct mail post card uses an environmentally safe gloss overlay to give the swimming pool life and a die cut of the mountains in the distanc..
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Image showing the layout of the Tel Tech Services website
Tel Tech Services

This was a rebuild of an existing website, with a re-focus of content to align with the companies goal of educating their customers both pre and p..
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Image showing Tel Tech Services landing page
Tel Tech Services Landing Page

Tel Tech Services needed a landing page to attract businesses looking for older Nortel hardware, which they have a large stock of. This page..
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Image showing the Nutcracker landing page on screen, iPad and iPhone
The Nutcraker

The school project involved a team approach to creating a landing page for the Fall 2012 presentation of The Nutcracker by the Canadian School of ..
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Poster advertising a fictional movie called The Shower
The Shower

This is a movie poster mockup, a personal project to learn new skills and techniques. I had some fun with it by using my son's name in the cr..
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Image showing the TOTA AGM/Summit Program
TOTA AGM/Summit Program

We were brought in to complete the soft copy and print version of program for the 2012/2013 Thompson Okanagan Annual General Meeting & Summit...
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Image of Touchstone Advisory Services website project
Touchstone Advisory Services

This website began as a template with minor customization, then as we came to understand Touchstone's business more we have continued to evolve &a..
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Image of the words Touchstone Advisory Services with a custom Innukshuk
Touchstone Advisory Services

This commission was to evolve a brand that honoured and gave a nod to the Touchstone. The image is meant to inspire Peace, Calm & a Higher Sta..
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Image showing a one page information sheet for Touchstone Advisory Services
Touchstone Advisory Services - Information Page

Touchstone needed a one page information sheet for participants in a session where they were one of the keynote speakers. After discussion about ..
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Image showing a photoshop composite creation representing an X-Box
Toy Literalism - X-Box

This project involved something called Toy Literalism. Meaning create something with Photoshop that represents a toy. I chose to create an X-Box..
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Trio of promotional posters in an Art History style
Trio of promotional posters in an Art History style

This school assignment was to create a trio of promotional posters for a fictional business, based on a selected Art History style. In this case I..
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Image of hearts floating out towards the viewer
Vector hearts

This started out as a personal project to learn new skills and techniques, but once complete I used it to create a nice card and smartphone backgr..
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Image showing vector based shopping bag
Vector Shopping Bag

This vector based school project was created from scratch using Illustrator's Mesh Tool and was subsequentially used in posters, car graphics, sto..
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Image of Veterinary Medicine Terminology handbook
Veterinary Medicine Medical Terminology

This paid commission from the Centre for Arts & Technology allowed me to re-purpose one of my school assignments to create a Terminology Handb..
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Screen shots of Weldon LeBlancs website
Weldon LeBlanc

Weldon is a national award winning Executive with more than 20 years of strategic management, board governance, and strategic planning He chos..
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