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The design brief was to re-design Deb's existing website, which had worked well for her over the years but she felt it was a dated look and wanted to re-focus the content on her new direction.


Dave is an absolute delight to work with. He managed to simplify a baffling process for me. Technology is magic as far as I can tell, and Dave is an incredibly gifted Magician!

He was spot on in understanding what I wanted to achieve, and create as an experience for those visiting my website. From the very early outset, Dave was able to put me at ease and coach me through the process of determining what I wanted and needed.

Comments on my website have been exceptionally positive and feedback confirms he achieved exactly what I wanted to achieve.

I would recommend Dave to ANYONE who needs support in website design. He is extremely talented, creative and an absolute delight to work with.
Deb Hooker Lead On Coaching

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