Support Resources

Support Overview

You can always call for support if you need it, but here are some options for self-help.

Invoice Payments

A safe and secure way to pay your Digital Ink Multimedia invoices online. Protected by Global Secure and processed through Moneris your information is protected and secure.
Make an invoice payment

Training Videos

A collection of training videos to help you understand and use the Digital Ink content management system (Adobe Business Catalyst).
Watch a system training video

Support Ticket & Content Upload Requests

Log in to your Client Communication Centre to submit a support ticket, or to request a content update for your site. You can upload any files needed for the update as well.
Log In to my Client Communication Centre

Join Me - Screen Sharing

Join Me is a safe, secure screen sharing application we use so that we can see what you see on your screen, or vice-versa. To share your screen, click the button below to download the application. Once installed, when you give me your 9 digit code I will be able to see your screen.

Safe, secure and easy to use.
Download Join.Me and share YOUR screen
Connect and see OUR screen

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